Kenwood TK805 (4 units)

Post date: Jul 25, 2017 1:02:36 PM

  • Description: (4) Kenwood TK805 radios.
  • Cost: $75.00 to $100.00 per radio.
    • Other Details:
    • 25 watt, 5 channel radios 16 channel UHF mobile transceiver
      • May be be used for amateur bands, no special cables or software needed, field programmable.
      • Makes a good link radio for a repeater link or a remote base. Some modification needed for repeater linking required.
      • New/Old Stock. Never used. Currently set up for UHF Business Band frequencies, can be used on ham UHF band.
      • They are old, but quality radios. May not have a tone board.
      • More information on the radios can be found online.
  • Contact: Aaron Hammand; 620-725-5600, ext. 1.