Membership Information

Membership in the IARC is open to everyone.  While most of our members are currently licensed ham operators, it is not a requirement in order to join our club and enjoy the love of amateur radio.  Annual membership dues are $20 per person (discounts are available for family memberships or students). 

We also offer a free year of membership to anyone who passes a technician license examination at one of our testing sessions. 

Club Call Sign & Official Trustee

The IARC has been granted the call sign N0ID from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Our club's official trustee is Don Moore, W5FFK.

                                 Club Members

  Paul Vaughan        KB0NYA     

  Dave Hanna N0TAP

  Dave Cook KW0I

  Ken Herring W0HLK

  Mike Mullikin KF0DDE

  Stan Pierson AE0LM

  Jim Lane WA0FWK

  Rob Henson KI5QCM 

  Don Moore W5FFK

  Alfred Crawshaw K0AZZ

  Jackson Pemberton W7VMK

  Josh Othniel K1ISH

  James Whitehead KG5PXP

  Jason Wright KD0YEP

  Michael Hill KD0FBM

  Jeffery Wheat AL7NY

  Gloria Wheat KC6JZR