Licensing & Examination

Overview of Licensure

In the United States, amateur radio operators must be licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  The FCC has partnered with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and local Volunteer Examiners (VEs) to conduct examination sessions as part of the FCC license process.  The results of these exam sessions are then submitted to the ARRL/FCC for final approval. 

The IARC is a "field stocked" radio club; this means that our club stands prepared to offer these license tests at each club meeting and other special events.  There are currently three levels of amateur radio licensure; IARC offers examination sessions for all three level/classes for $15 per exam session. 

The amateur radio licensure examination is 100% written, using a multiple-choice style of questioning.  In previous years, there was a Morse code proficiency examination requirement, but that component is no longer required.  If you can pass the written examine and meet the other FCC requirements, you should have no difficulty earning a ham radio license in under a month.

While it is not required that you inform us that you intend to take one of these examinations for licensure, we do appreciate any advanced notice you can provide us .  Please contact us in advance so that we'll be able to give you additional instructions prior to your arrival.

IARC Recruitment Policy (Bonus Opportunity!)

In order to recruit new amateur radio operators to the hobby, we will grant you a free 1-year membership into IARC (a $20 value) if you pass your Technician-level examination at one of our exam sessions.

Study Aids

Most amateur operators have had to study to pass the license examinations.  Just like many tests, if you study, you'll tend to perform better on the assessment.  In today's world of online information availability, it's very easy to find websites that offer ham radio study guides, practice quizzes, and even helpful explanations on the topics in question.  Many of these are completely free.  You can also find information in printed form if you prefer to study from a book.  Below are a few resources that we recommend. 

Getting An FCC Registration Number (FRN) In The Universal Licensing System (ULS) 

FCC Registration (Create Account/Apply For FRN) 

License/FRN Lookup

ARRL Volunteer Examiner Manual - This ARRL document outlines the policies and practices related to activities of a Volunteer Examiner.