Software Defined Radio

Are you interested in getting started in ham radio without spending much money? Software Defined Radio (SDR) may be the perfect solution for you.

For about $10, you'll be able to listen to ham radio (as well as commercial radio, public service, aviation, and other services). These SDR receivers can be connected to most home computer systems via USB and turn your computer into a receiver capable of receiving these various types of radio transmissions instantly.

For a little more money, you'll be able to transmit signals to other listeners. Perhaps the best SDR transceiver on the market today is the newly-released ICOM 7300. (As of October 2016, this rig currently sells for around $1,400).

If you need to learn more about using SDR, be sure to check out, and/or we encourage you to contact Bob Nelson, KA0YCU, with any questions.